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Ramadhan 1438 H

Beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
All Praises are for Allah ,Subhaanahuwata’laa, The Lord of all the worlds, and peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet, teacher and role model Muhammad, Peace be Upon him, his entire family, and all those who follow him until the Last Day.
Believing servants of Allah, once again the blessed month of Ramadan has come to us. We thank Allah, Subhaanahuwata’laa for this most precious gift, as we thank Him for all of His innumerable bounties upon us. We beseech Him to make us of those who strive to do justice to it and endeavor to reap its rewards the fullest, aameen.
Ramadan is the season of goodness. It is the time to leave bad habits behind and make a change in our lives. We must therefore be determined to push ourselves harder. We must strive to make our fasting truly effective, not just by keeping away from food, drink, and marital relations, but also by guarding all of our limbs, inshaaAllah. Otherwise, we risk losing the immeasurable rewards of fasting, while only suffering the pangs of hunger and thirst. What a loss that would be!! We seek refuge in Allah, Subhaanahuwata’laa from that.
Let us therefore seek to perfect our fasting by implementing the following six advices in Ramadan, inshaAllah: 1. Lowering the gaze from that which is prohibited or disliked. 2. Guarding the tongue against uttering that which is displeasing to Allah, Subhaanahuwata’laa. 3. Avoiding listening to anything prohibited or disliked. 4. Guarding the remaining limbs against committing sins. 5. Avoiding overindulging in food when breaking the fast. 6. Being in a state between hope (that our fast has been accepted) and fear (that it may not be, due to our shortcomings.)
Let us further maximize our benefit from Ramadan by increasing our ibaadaat (acts of worship), including recitation of Qur’an, praying salatut Taraaweeh and other nawaafil prayers, giving charity generously and paying Zakaah if we owe it, making Dhikr and begging the forgiveness of Allah, and making lots of Du’aa for ourselves, our families, and the Ummah as a whole. May Allah (swt) make us of those who truly benefit from Ramadan and May He make this Ramadan the best in our lives so far, aameen.
The Guyana Islamic Trust extends warmest Ramadan greetings to you and your families and all the believing men and women of this Ummah. May Allah , Subhaanahuwata’laa bring happiness to your hearts, strengthen your imaan, and keep you firm on His Deen, aameen. We further wish to thank you for your generous support to our efforts in Da’wah over the years and to humbly request your continued assistance as we join hands in serving the Deen of Allah. May Allah accept our efforts and yours and reward us all without reckoning; may He grant shifaa to all of our ailing and have Mercy on our deceased; may He grant us His Mercy and Forgiveness, free us and our families from the fire of Hell and admit us all to Jannatul Firdous, aameen.
جزاكم الله خيراً، والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
Sh. Abdool Aleem Rahim
Guyana Islamic Trust